The Book of IND architects Projects

At the end of 2018 we’ve issued a book about the bureau and the most actual projects. This is the second book about IND architects. The first one was issued by the publishing house Tatlin bythe end of 2017. 

We are so excited to hold a printed evidence of this year full of work, creativity and emotions. During the presentation of the book we’ve presented it to our guests and after we’ve received a lot of requests to send the book, and we’ve sent it to differents Russian cities, to Ukraine and to Europe. And than someone has asked us — ‘Why don’t you let the book be downloaded?’. What a good question! So, we’ve created an issuu account to share the book. You can read it here https://issuu.com/indarchitects/docs/indarchitects_book_2018 or download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tj6w56kpjr5u87o/AADKiF0lyRfWfQfTUS1rvEPZa?dl=0

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