Centre for elderly people SONG-PA

The competitive concept of the care center for elderly people Song-Pa is designed for the most comfortable and socially rich life of guests. A carefully thought-out ecosystem allows for prosperous life, filled with useful for body and spirit activities and communication.

The architecture of the center distinguishes it from the surrounding buildings, the color of the building and the unique pattern of bricks make it visible to guests from afar, making it easier to get home.

The core of the building is formed by individual rooms, along the perimeter there are public areas. Guests can enjoy gardening on the roof. We also provided two options for communicating with animals – birds on the roof and fish on the ground floor. The shape of the building forms the optimal insolation of the rooms. Balconies are designed in such a way that reduces the penetration of street noise.  

The surrounding landscape and roof form an active green belt, and the area to the West of the center combines it with the Center of social welfare Garak in a single complex. The area is suitable for outdoor games and dances, as well as local festivals and charity fairs will be organized here.

The internal ecology of the building is inspired by the principles of sustainable gardening. Plants, people and animals, such as carp or chicken, symbiotically live in the building. Solar panels provide energy for pumping water, which is then used for watering plants and for maintenance of the building, for example, for bathrooms.