Kutuzov Residential Complex

Date: 2017

Location: Russia, Novorossiysk

Square: 5,633 m2

Status: Concept

Kutuzov Residential Complex

Strict lines and sharp forms of the Kutuzov housing complex along with discreet color palette of the facade create the image of a modern urban housing space which doesn’t need any extra demonstrations of its status and style — they can be read at first sight on the house.

On the first floor there are shopping space and entrance group are located. All windows of the facade are stained-glass windows from floor to ceiling which creates an opportunity to organize attractive show-windows, and in apartments there is a lot of light and air. The most part of the facade is lined with a white fibro-concrete, two last floors — with the black one. This way the image of the house is visually complete.

On the last floor of the complex spacious terraces are located opening the great view to the city center. The larde area of terraces allows not only to enjoy fresh air with the family, but also to invite friends or even to hold a small event. Two-level apartments which are provided in three and four-room options have a separate way out to the terraces. Thought-out planning allows residents with different interests and family composition to find the apartment for their own taste — wether it will be one-room apartment or two-storey penthouse.

Close attention is paid to the surrounding territory infrastructure — in the house yard one can have a long walk with children, to meet a friend and to talk in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. For the complex residents underground parking on 28 spaces is provided.