Residential complex near the Moskva River

Residential complex near the Moskva River

The project is based on the desire to combine three key principles: the creation of infrastructure for living, a neighborhood atmosphere, and a green, eco-friendly environment. Urban spaces filled with lush greenery unite the neighborhood into a single area with a diverse landscape.

Russia, Moscow
267,700 m2

A distinctive feature of the residential complex will be high-rise dominants — visual gates that let the landscape inside the courtyards. They mark out the territory and serve not only as navigational landmarks, but also create a conditional gateway along the main green corridor. The towers offer a panoramic view of the river.

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Project team
  • Dmitry Bochkarev
  • Natalia Voroshilova
  • Maxim Chirkin
  • Andrey Trebunskikh
  • Ravil Murakov
  • Alexandra Kolyadina
  • Anna Maksimova
  • Ksenia Titarenko
  • Vladislav Lebedev
  • Sergey Shishkin
  • Dmitry Khomyakov