World Gym Fitness Center, 2014
Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 5000 sqm
Status: Concept

When designing the World Gym sports center, architects of IND Architects were keen to create a contemporary and functional fitness center. There is a run track along the perimeter of the complex, which allows club’s clients to do outdoor runs. A big open parking lot for 200 cars has been provided for within the complex.

The club’s building consists of strict geometric volumes. Each of them complies with a particular function. Various materials have been used for facing — a swimming pool block is coated with glass with colored glass lamellae; a multifunctional gym block is covered with panels made of architectural concrete with textured surface with bright green structural glass elements. A considerable part of the building is faced with glass that makes the foreside look lighter and lets natural light into premises of the complex. In addition to glass lamellae, perforated metal plates have been provided for to ensure protection against over-insolation.

Due to a large area of the club, a wide range of sports services can be offered to clients — there is a multifunctional gym, a big roofed five-lane swimming pool, an indoor tennis court, halls for group exercises, and a SPA center in the complex. Such a large variety of services taken with a dynamic and contemporary appearance accentuates a high profile of the complex, as well as is enough to spark excitement and eagerness of sports newcomers.