The Rocky Shore Winery

Date: 2017

Location: Russia, Krasnodar Region

Square: 8,200 m2

Status: Concept

The Rocky Shore Winery

The architectural concept of the Rocky Shore winery has combined the authenticity, solemnity and true nature of wine with a modern way to produce wine.

The modern building of the winery seamlessly blends into the landscape. The shape, the color and the texture of the front blend in with the surrounding scenery and make the winery building part of the landscape. The project has been inspired by beautiful nature of the place with its dramatic topography swings and picturesque vineyard views. The large scale of the building is concealed by the shape of facades. That said, in addition to a pretty large production area, the structure accommodates tasting and presentation rooms, offices and observation decks too. Through the relative level-shifting, our designers have achieved a 360 degree view—there is a terrace on every floor of the building that offers a spectacular view of the winery, mountains and the sea surface. There are public zones on the terraces to arrange outdoor events.

The Rocky Shore’s architectural character presents the winery as a state-of-the-art technology-savvy facility, while finishing materials and vines climbing the facade (as an important element of man- and nature-made objects coming together) invite us to recall the rich history of wineries. The color palette of finishing has been inspired by autumn grape leaves—a delicate shade of ginger with peeks of vibrant green. Corten steel is the main facing material that will preserve the look of the building, as it has been conceived by architects, for decades. The first floor, which is completely hidden from view, is partially embedded in the ground and has no windows. Lined with glass, the top floor seems to vanish into thin air, thus underpinning the connection of the building with its purport—like a two-thirds full glass of wine. This solution makes the building look shorter. Being a centerpiece of the territory, the winery does not challenge the confident power of the vineyards though.

The winery building can speak for itself. The Rocky Shore tells visitors about the history of wine and the brands it produces, shows the making process, offers to taste wines, and invites to the world filled with bright sunshine and mellow grapes, quiet dusk and a gentle breeze coming from the sea. The architecture that expresses authenticity, sophistication and modern times and not only can show and tell but make fall in love too.