Architectural Concept of an University Conference Center, 2019
Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 8 174 sqm
Status: Concept

An important part of the formation of scientific community and development of science is the opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and results. The new conference center of a University will allow holding meetings and conferences in a comfortable and modern environment.

The building consists of six floors. Ground and underground levels are the conference center, cafe, lobby, service and technical premises. The areas of standard floors, from 2 to 6, are intended for offices. Large conference room for up to 357 seats is located in a double-height space. The arrangement of pits is a feature of the project – we “dig out” a part of the landscape and create a multi-level, well-organized space that descends to the level of the basement. Besides additional natural daylight it allows for additional entrances. In spacious lobby of the conference center there are a lot of places for study and leisure, as well as small coffee-points.      

The facade is a strict rhythmic grid of vertically elongated windows. The corner facing the main entrance has a slight smooth sinking, which allows to avoid the monotony and highlight the main entrance. Materials – fiber cement facade panels by terrazzo technology on the subsystem, above the windows – copper cladding panels. Window profiles also have a copper coating.

There are places for work, rest, negotiations and informal meetings in and around the building. So, on the roof there is a comfortable space for the rest of the workers, the cafe has a summer terrace, the building has a walking area, a picnic table and a small garden.