Tree House Eco Hotel, 2015
Location: Russia, Moscow region
Area: 1700
Status: Concept

The idea of the Tree House eco hotel represents a dream of many children and gives adults a chance to fulfill their dearest childhood wishes—snug cottages are connected by narrow pathways and float above the ground. Many people dreamed of sharing their secrets with close friends in such houses amid the trees. Now in these cottages they may enjoy the closeness of nature, spend time with their families and feel excited like children from living in their own tree houses.

Cottages are arranged on metal piers that look like branches with knots. However, the outer lightness and featheriness does not affect the stability of structures. Dwelling blocks are made of laminated wood by the wood-framed technology. The feeling of lightness of these blocks is ensured not only through their rise above the ground, but also due to an uncluttered architecture inspired by the image of nesting boxes—austere shapes with big window apertures, roof outlines have a broken shape. Houses are equipped with all the things needed—there is a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom in every cottage.

In total, the hotel consists of 25 cottages that are connected to each other by bridge-pathways. In addition to the hotel room capacity, the project covers the main building with a reception desk, a restaurant, an administrative office, a conference hall, a club, and a fitness center. A tennis court is arranged behind them. The hotel offers different options of health and outdoor activities: alongside with the fitness center and the tennis court, guests may visit the Russian baths on the riverside, a small zoo with tame animals, a panda park with various obstacles, and a playground. They may also enjoy a beautiful view from an observatory, cycle rides in the woods and strolls about the hotel’s territory.