Leningradskoye Highway Multimodal Transport Hub

Date: 2018

Location: Russia, Moscow

Square: 92,000 m2

Status: Concept

Leningradskoye Highway Multimodal Transport Hub

For a big city, multimodal transport hubs are necessary, so why not to create a complex not just combining different types of transport, but also to provide citizens with maximum comfort. The concept of multimodal transport hub at Leningradskoye Highway is developed for three modes of transport: air – helicopter airdrome with landing site and sheds with a possibility to keep, to provide technical maintenance and to refuel helicopters as well as with flight school; water – there is a stop for river transport and yacht-club; and land – terminal point with a platform for buses. There is also a large intercept parking for cars and built-in surface car parking for future users of the multimodal transport hub.


Careful attention is paid to useful social and entertaining functions of the multimodal transport hub – a complex of apartments and hotels, retail areas, restaurants, cafes, fitness-center, pontoon swimming pool will provide various activities. Pontoon swimming pool is located directly in the river water area; it is also can be used during a cold season – the swimming pool is covered by special air-supported structure and transferred into covered pool.


Shaping is suggested by nature and its forces — rocks and wind grinding them for centuries and giving them a perfect shape. Facades of hotel’s and apartments’ high-rise volumes have 1-2 floors horizontal articulation resembling ground layers formed under the influence of air and water. The main material is glass with dark gray metal profile. Matte, corrugated glass with a gradient transition to transparent is used on the facades of the helicopter airdrome.


Construction footprint is formed by city planning restrictions: sanitary area from power lines and coastal nature conservation area. The river embankment and the square in front of the helicopter airdrome terminal are connected by covered street with shops and cafes. Entrances to the apartments are located separately; platforms with active landscaping for residents are arranged on the stylobate roof.


We analyzed business potential of the multimodal transport hub and therefore the concept provides a complex of apartments instead of a business center – this solution is influenced by overloaded Leningradskoye Highway and proximity to Sheremetyevo Airport. To optimize financial expenses, we don’t make underground parking and place landing site for helicopters on the roof.