Headquarters of the Samolet Group

Headquarters of the Samolet Group

The creation of the new headquarters was necessary for Samolet to implement a hybrid work schedule and provide employees with a variety of workspace formats. The new office features a large number of collaboration areas, meeting rooms, common spaces, and separate spaces for individual work. Thanks to its flexibility, the office adapts to the specific tasks of project teams and allows employees to choose the most comfortable place to work.

Russia, Moscow
2,250 m2

The main design task was to convey the modern spirit of Samolet and its desire to keep up with the times and at the same time speak to the modern generation in the same language. For this reason, the Memphis style was chosen as the main design direction, which is characterized by large geometric shapes of bright, juicy shades, complemented and balanced by the company’s signature colors – several shades of blue. In addition, elongated ovals, typical of the brand, are found everywhere in the office space – these include suspended metal lamps, and the shape of the reception desk, and marker coverings on the walls. The central area of the space has a complex shape that opens up differently from each corner, which significantly improves the visual characteristics of the space.

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Project team
  • Andrey Sidorov
  • Julia Hapkina
  • Alena Fetku
  • Lyaman Abdulgadirova
  • Ляман Абдулгадирова
  • Gleb Sobol
  • Karina Garnaga