Showroom Satin, 2017
Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 476 sqm
Status: Concept

The Satin showroom is a place created to showcase the residential compound project. In this place, not only can a buyer learn about the company and the project, but he or she can literally get inside the compound and see what his or her future home will be like. Satin invites people to visit two completely finished full-size apartments. These are two of several apartment options the company offers its customers.

A client’s acquaintance with the company starts off with his or her first glance on the showroom building—the transparent volume lets you peek inside the showroom from a long way off and feast your eyes on a futuristic and bright building. The interior is smaller than the exterior to create a spacious and eye-catching double-height space. After nightfall, the contrast with the surrounding urban development is even more dramatic as the building starts to glow getting people’s attention.

The image of the showroom is based on a satin ribbon, one of the main visual elements of the residential compound. The ribbon is trimmed with composite panels covered with a special “chameleon” paint that gleams depending on a view angle like a real satin fabric. Bent windows on the corners of the facade accentuate individuality of the building and make the image even more striking. Simple yet offbeat shape of facades adds special mood to the place. The showroom interior is designed in light colors with bright details. The image of a satin ribbon used on the facade and in the interior sets the tone of the space, ties in the exterior with the interior, and invites the company’s customers to actually feel at home in their new cutting-edge houses.

Workspaces and meeting rooms are on the first floor of the showroom, while two mock-up models of completely finished apartments are on the second floor. The mock-ups are arranged within the inner core of the building and are hidden from view. A buyer can wind down here in a comfortable, private and secure setting.