Sales Office Concept in Kazan, 2016
Location: Russia, Kazan
Area: 1338 sqm
Status: Concept

For a construction company, a sales office is the direct investment in the development of business, a way to show its capacities and resources and to increase sales. It is even some kind of a ‘megaphone’ the company uses to communicate its image all over the city, if not the country. We packed the sales office concept for Unistroy company headquartered in Kazan with many messages to be received by every client, partner and any passer-by on their first looking at the office. The office is a modern two-storey dynamic volume. Each of the four facades was made in a unique design—intricate shapes were realized through simple clean lines. Transparency is the main feature of the office. The most part of the building is made of glass ensuring an atmosphere of openness and innovativeness. The second floor above the entrance is decorated with Unistroy’s logo. Even though the logo is placed inside the building, it can be easily seen from outside, adding to an effect that the office is very light and airy. Perforated metal panels are used in the coating, too, accentuating the urbanistic style of the building. The metal panels serve as bright contract to transparent glass—they are black in color.

The concept shows a modern architecture, where volumes, materials and approaches meet the latest trends. A part of the facade is faced with media panels, which became an essential design element and an active way to communicate with clients. Not only does the sales office sell property, but it projects, at every possible way, the company’s capabilities and projects, so far implemented and future ones, too.