School in Burabay

Date: 2019

Location: Kazakhstan, Burabay

Square: 3,803 m2

Status: Building

School in Burabay

School for talented young people, whose goal is to continue their education and get a wide outlook and relevant professions in the best universities of the country and the world – this task was set for us by the customer. The school is located 300 kilometers from Nur-Sultan, in the National Nature Park in Burabay village (Kazakhstan). Learning there lasts only for two years – 10 and 11 forms. During this period students from all over the country will prepare for admission to universities. And in the summer there will be a summer camp for students of other schools.

The education program is designed so that all students can advance in their chosen vector. This approach is also supported by architectural solutions – the school has spaces for learning foreign languages, music, painting, programming, 3D modeling, robotics and many other sciences and subjects. Students can live on campus throughout the year, which allows them to focus on the learning process as much as possible.

The architectural volume of the school is dictated by the desire to fit it into the surrounding landscape and create courtyards targeted for different specific areas. Each yard has a certain function. The school is located in the National Park on the shore of the lake, next to a centuries-old deciduous and pine forest. The visual image of the school is based on the local landscape; it harmoniously fits into the environment and at the same time acts as a stronghold of current modern education.  The school volume is built around a translucent core. The adjoining parts are made up of blocks lined with fibrocement panels and bricks. This technique allows creating a more diverse facade, without violating the integrity of the building’s shape. The spatial structure of the building consists of horizontal communications made of translucent blocks on which the volumes of different shapes are located. Each of these volumes has its own function.

The facades are performed in a natural restrained color scheme. The combination of textures and materials emphasizes the elegant form of the facades; stained glass windows create the impression of open space. Openness is one of the basic characteristics of the project. The concept of the school is that the learning process should be clear and understandable for students and their families, and communication with teachers –open minded and complacent.

The planning concept of the master plan is represented by four separate courtyards on the school territory, each of which has a specific function. In addition to the yards on the school territory there are other open areas for which we have thought out the scenarios of use.  The auditorium overlooks an open space with an apple orchard, where students will be able to communicate with each other in the shade of trees. There is also a playground for outdoor activities, where students can play ping-pong, game of hacky sack and other outdoor games. School territory provides for a passage to the lake with a small boat dock and a boathouse.