Rosbank’s Training, Development and Innovation Center, 2017
Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 800 sqm
Status: Concept

The interior of Rosbank’s Training, Development and Innovation Center is not only a smart architectural and design solution that awakens learning abilities and creativity, but also technologically advanced solutions giving a vivid description of the future that is happening right here, right now. This is how we created the interior of the Center—an open, technology-savvy and modern space that can transform and take on new functions.

The concept is based on a classic symbol of dynamic development and growth—an arrow, which fuses the space together and sets its unified style. The color scheme of the interior is consistent with Rosbank's corporate colors—a win-win combination of red, white and black. The red arrow goes throughout the space of the Center and sets the keynote backed up by an out-of-the-box lighting solution—interactive motion-activated lights are embedded in some parts of the walls. In addition to that, an interior video mapping was implemented in this project, which allows projections onto the wall, floor and ceiling, thus creating exciting visionary solutions. This technology visually transforms the space and makes it look different. This is not the only transformation that was realized in the Center's space. A large conference hall with a video wall can be divided into three separate halls depending on the needs of the staff. The ceiling of the hall is decorated with well-known figures—paper planes that used to fly from one classroom to another in many schools. This is also a symbol of development and something new, exciting and dynamic. Apart from delivering a creative and semantic message, the planes improve the acoustics of the hall, too.

In addition to an open-plan area and training halls, there are coffee points and a co-working area in the Center, too. A comfortable work space is packed with creatively different comfortable furniture. There is a media column in the reception area. One part of the column is a touch screen effectively protected by Mighty Glass tempered glass. Not only can you learn about activities of the Center here, but you can also get any technical support.