Stone Crab Restaurant

Date: 2017

Location: Russia, Moscow

Square: 303 m2

Status: Built

Stone Crab Restaurant

The interior of the Stone Crab restaurant located in Bolshevik business center is a metaphor of the power of water that carries you away and offers wondrous forms and treasures. The dark, enveloping and captivating depth gives you an unusual experience, allows you to connect with yourself, and stimulates your taste receptors, which are sensitive to both visual patterns and the taste of restaurant dishes. Light is crucial in the project. Lamps are arranged above the tables. This is the best solution to ensure comfort to the visitors and not disturb the solemn and exciting atmosphere of the depth.

A fancy world opens up to a visitor of the Stone Crab. The fanciful vertical objects that have been created together with an architect Maria Yasko (the entire interior has been designed in collaboration with Maria) are perceived differently depending on an angle of view. If you look at them from below, they will look like a swimming jellyfish shoal; if you look at them from the second floor, you will see that the objects form layers, creating a mesh pattern that can captivate you, confuse you and weave you into a chaotic environment. The designer objects are painted with a special fluorescent paint. The objects are illuminated with ultraviolet at night time, creating a dramatic, vibrant yet soft, contrast of deep black and bright blue. The captivating and mesmerizing space invites the visitors to merge into. The wall behind the bar counter has become an essential piece of the interior—it is an installation made of leaves that swing lifelike as the marine creatures swim by.

The spacious 70-seat restaurant terrace is arranged in the atrium of the business center. The light, comfortable and warm space is a metaphor of an entrance to the deeps. The terrace is where there is still a lot of light, where you can reach for the sun. An oval construction crowns the terrace. This is a lighting element and a symbol of a marine creature. This roundish and smooth construction represents a rich inner world of the restaurant.