Industrial Complex DSK-500 Reconstruction

Industrial Complex DSK-500 Reconstruction

Reconstruction of a large industrial complex into an intermodal centre of production and social life – the new Technopark fits into the city of Tyumen as a great work of lend-art, combining nature and technology, landscape and abstraction.

The area of the DSK-500 Tyumen’s house-building plant becomes a technological and social cluster. The renovation has two goals—to develop a space for a more efficient and rational process of technological production and to expand activities that are open to the public. Thus, the project will bring the citizens closer to the world of technology, and become a vibrant space for the birth of new ideas.

An international, open competition for an architectural design concept of DSK500 renovation
Russia, Tyumen
770,000 m2

The new technology park will consist of rooms partly open to the public, creative and cultural activities, with industrial processes taking place here. A concept unique for Russia, where the production cluster is transformed into a public area while retaining its previous function.

The functional zoning concept proposes dividing the territory into several distinct zones—autonomous volumes located under a ‘super-roof’: offices and science, event centre, IT village, creative production and a logistics hub. User tracks and usage scenarios have been thought out.

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Project team
  • IND architects
  • Knight Frank
  • VK Group
  • HPBS
  • Alexander Trischetsky
  • Anna Borysenko
  • Visualisation: IND architects, Pictown