Raiffeisen TechCenter

Raiffeisen TechCenter

The concept of the Raiffeisen TechCenter, the IT department of Raiffeisen Bank in Omsk, is based on IT+ART=DIGITAL ART — a global, bright, dynamic, inspiring — a modern reading of timeless values.

Russia, Omsk
4,650 m2

The office offers maximum opportunities – there are small comfortable islands for quick meetings, rooms for secluded work, niches and booths for telephone conversations, areas for collaboration and temporary work. In the best traditions of the IT sector, the office offers several options to switch and reboot — a gym with exercise machines, a game zone, a cafe, there is even a room for sleeping. The office originally had two floors, which were expanded with additional mezzanine floors, one of which houses the sleeping room. All the spaces are visually connected, and five additional staircases and an elevator were designed and built for physical connection.

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Project team
  • Andrey Sidorov
  • Ravil Murakov
  • Natalia Kutyenkova
  • Marina Shirokova
  • Natalia Buravkova
  • Alena Fetku
  • Pavel Spirin
  • Yulia Babushkina
  • Keira Kompanets