Prokshino Community Center

Prokshino Community Center

The concept of a social center and a kindergarten in New Moscow, and a landscaping in between. The project uniquely combines modern architecture and the poetics of a village near Moscow. Maximally simple volumes, “decorated” with a system of canopies and terraces. Median friendly scale in a diverse environment of skyscrapers and private houses. The image of the objects is a synthesis of village, city and nature. The project is located in a contrasting multi-scale suburban environment, where tall high-rise apartment buildings are adjacent to low-rise private homes. The Social center and the garden become a bright, human-scaled space, which sets the atmosphere of friendliness and kindness not only because of its functionality – after all, the kindergarten and social center are warm, friendly people and pleasant associations, but also because of the architectural volume.

The contest for the development of an architectural concept for a community center
New Moscow
7,650 m2

The kindergarten is built on the image of a small village, united by a single covered courtyard. The area of the kindergarten, standing on a large drop in relief, turned into a new playscape. Relief and retaining walls are used to control access and saturate the area with different spatial experiences. A central space with a ramp and multilevel playgrounds overlooks the neighborhood’s main square with a huge stained-glass window, visually integrating it into its surroundings. Some areas of the kindergarten serve as a creative club spaces, they are equipped with a separate entrance and are open to neighborhood residents on weekends – a solution that allows the building to be open not only to preschoolers, but also to older children and their families. Thus, the garden becomes not only an important functional space, a striking visual object of the neighborhood, but also expands leisure opportunities for young residents.

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Project team
  • Amir Idiatulin
  • Alexander Alyaev
  • Yulia Hapkina
  • Ekaterina Vasilyeva
  • Alexandra Morozova
  • Maxim Filippov
  • Matve y Bondarenko
  • Ekaterina Ruzhentseva
  • Maxim Chirkin
  • Artem Stupka
  • Veronica Davitashvili
  • Alexey Agarkov
  • Aibek Zhumanazarov
  • Anna Utz