Space 1 Office on Tverskoy Boulevard

Space 1 Office on Tverskoy Boulevard

The new space of the Space 1 network of service offices in Moscow on Tverskoy Boulevard is located in a historic mansion of the 18th century. The project has integrated the historic atmosphere of the mansion with a modern, technological and efficient interior. For the architects of the bureau in this project, the task has expanded, we did not just work on the customer’s office space, but took a direct part in the creation of his product – relevant and liquid.

Russia, Moscow
2,250 m2

The laconic interior is complemented by unusual images that visually resonate with the architecture and aesthetics of the building. The image of the arch is presented in glass partitions, corridors. Furniture and soft areas act as a bright accent, unusual memorable colors, somewhere bright and saturated, somewhere more calm and pastel, set the dynamics of the interior. The flowing semicircular shape, which we find in soft zones, refers to the architecture of the building and intersects with other images of the arch in the interior. The elegance of the arched elements and architectural lighting make the interior airy, while the rough concrete finish enhances the contrast of the space.

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Project team
  • Yulia Khapkina
  • Lyaman Abdulgadirova
  • Ekaterina Vasilieva
  • Alena Fetku
  • Nikolay Bilson