Simple Office

Simple Office

The new office of the Simple group of companies is a space that combines aesthetics, functionality and modernity. Timeless design, which will not lose its relevance in the future, like quality wine, the value of which only increases over the years.

The office has a modern combined layout, combining elements of open space and separate work areas for the functional units. The existing floor plan set the tone for the design — an elongated narrow floor plan, the entire building is characterized by a corridor arrangement, which is not the most efficient. This is why we created a network of enclosed spaces scattered around the central part of the floor with an offset, around which (and along the panoramic glazing) there is an open workspace. This solution allowed to get away from the long corridor.

Russia, Moscow
5,400 m2

The office provides several spaces where employees can retreat to make calls or work together, and there are dedicated areas of unattached workstations. In some departments, workstations are interspersed with high desks and TV panels, allowing for quick meetings within work groups. Small niches are scattered around the office, allowing for one-on-one meetings or to answer the phone in silence. There is also a library with sofas integrated into the wall and accent lights.

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Project team
  • Yulia Khapkina
  • Igor Lebed
  • Natalia Buravkova
  • Ekaterina Vasilyeva
  • Pavel Spirin