Sibur Office

Sibur Office

Creating the new office for Sibur, we sought to transform not only interiors, but also to contribute to transformation of the work organization, to help to improve and simplify working interactions between the company staff, to make those most comfortable and effective. All these by design and architecture methods. The new modern office provides high mobility of space, existence of zones for informal communication, a huge number of places for meetings and negotiations including in places, not intended for this traditionally – for example, in a corridor.

By March, 2018 finishing of the office two floors is completed — on first one the open-space for employees who are engaged in the central management of holding is located, on another — the company administration.


BEST OFFICE AWARDS 2018 'Light Design' Nomination Winner
Moscow Construction and Fit-Out Association 2018 'Intellectual Office' Nomination Winner
Russia, Moscow
2,200 m2

Interior design reflects innovation of the company, its care of the ecological environment and is based on the corporate style. Complex lighting solutions, interactive information walls create the atmosphere of the innovative company. The built-in lamps in open-space zones have square lens for maximum efficiency and dazzling protection, creating a comfortable directional light. In the common zones lamps with diffused light are used for creation of softer natural lighting. In the executives’ offices lamps with the maximum coefficient of color transfer are used, the light source is drowned, creating the dark light effect. Well-designed phyto-solutions: soaring cachepots, green walls form the image of the eco-friendly space.

Color accents are created on the basis of Sibur corporate style. Against the neutral monochrome background rich turquoise elements are brightly allocated, generally these are floor covering, furniture, some interior decoration items.

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Project team
  • Amir Idiatulin
  • Ravil Murakov
  • Andrey Sidorov
  • Polina Tsybenko
  • Marina Pinchuk
  • Igor Lebed
  • Keira Kopmanets
  • Sergey Shishkin