RD Construction Office

BEST OFFICE AWARDS 2016. Brand & Image Nominee Winner

Date: 2015

Location: Russia, Moscow

Square: 2,200 m2

Status: Built

RD Construction Office

The concept of the office for the construction company RD Construction is based on the following theses — City, Future, and Innovation that underlie the company’s brand book and are pivotal for its activities.

The theses were translated into the office’s design in the following way: CITY—finishing materials, which are usually used in facade finishing, perfectly fit in the office interior: metal panels, fiber-reinforced concrete, and glass allow visitors and company employees to feel like they are in the heart of a megalopolis within the office. In addition, these materials eloquently exemplify company’s operations―among other things, RD Construction has implemented quite a few large-scale urban projects. FUTURE—concise, uncluttered interior, sweeping lines and volumes, and vibrant color accents against an understated color scale show that here the future is built undistractedly and consciously. A column with a media screen in the reception zone makes it possible to show company’s projects, including future implementations, to clients. The fact that one of the meeting rooms is located near the reception zone strengthens the image of a modern and fast-paced company too. The all-glass volume offers an all-round city view. The volume is separated from the reception zone by a glass wall of a deep turquoise color, which is an accent color in the company’s logo. INNOVATION—lamps with a hidden source of light, a polymer cast-in-place floor, a smart glass for meeting rooms that changes its optical properties depending on the privacy requirements and becomes dimmer or fully-transparent, wireless connection between computer hardware and screens—all these technologies that are on the line between the future and the present, between something ground-breaking and already proven to be useful, have found their way into the design of the company’s office.

Apart from conventional offices for the management team, meeting rooms and the open space, there are small meeting points in the office that can be used for recreation or quick meetings with colleagues. There is also a meeting room in the VIP zone where more informal meeting with clients and company’s management team can be held—cushioned furniture, diffused lighting, a bar counter, a fireplace, and heavy curtains create a cozy atmosphere to lay back and discuss business in an “open collar“ manner.