Lamoda Office

Best Office Awards 2019

Date: 2018

Location: Russia, Moscow

Square: 7,000 m2

Status: Built


Office for company engaged in fashion industry shall be based not just on corporate style and latest solutions, but it also has to reflect a certain lifestyle where special attention is paid to an individual reaching after fashion, beauty, and functionality.

Dynamics of interior captivates, as everything here is done for the best work experience, and each office detail reminds what an exciting and rapidly changing sphere this company is engaged in. The dichroic film that changes the color shades depending on a view angle is used as a metaphoric expression of fashion fluidity. Along with it, the interior pays a tribute to a rich fashion history but very delicately, without derogating the whole interior style the meeting rooms refer to various epochs due to the application of various materials and photos of considerable dimensions – shooting session was dedicated to the interior design of a new office. Of course, the mirror used as the main material performs several purposes – it is one of the main elements in fashion industry, and staff employees find their reflections that reminds that fashion today is a matter they contribute their efforts to.

Space is threaded with quotations about fashion, shopping, and lifestyle. Quotations can be found in unexpected places – on strip lights custom made for the project, on a floor painted with nonerasable paint, under a ceiling in a form of volume letters. The office contains several informal common areas for a short refill where you may play kicker, have a snack, chat with colleagues. Negotiations can be held in special rooms and niches, in separate booths, the one can be sure to have a telephone conversation in absolute silence.