Incanto Office

Date: 2015

Location: Russia, Moscow

Square: 2,800 m2

Status: Built

Incanto Office

A Moscow office that occupies three stories of a business center is home to three companies of one holding. This is a contemporary-styled interior inspired by nature. Austere and uncluttered lines are complemented with ingenious patterns that add individuality to each office.

The office has a lot of free space, which is quite unusual for Moscow offices, where each meter should be as functional as possible. Open space allows you to slow down after the fast city race in the capital and more effectively solve business problems.

The organization of space plays an important role in the interior of the office, in addition to the large enough freedom that it offers to visitors and employees, smooth passages from one room to another were made. For example, glass-tinted meeting rooms balance between the privacy achieved by soundproofing and openness, as the participants of the negotiations are visible through the glass. Lighting supports the idea of ​​a soft transition from one space to another, so, in the corridors there are light portals, and built-in lamps create both comfortable general lighting and accent lighting.

Each office of the holding was realized in an individual stylistics and color scheme matching its business line. The interior of the first company was made in light shades that smoothly match warm deep colors. The second office is full of austere geometric lines, intense dark colors and bright shades. The third office, too, was made in dark colors, but its details refer not to strict business strategies that certainly were considered here, but to the fashion industry the company is involved in. The fashion industry is represented by highlighted bright posters on the walls, a glassy metal perforated ceiling, and a reception desk that looks like a piece of a crystal. The wall behind the reception desk was made of top-lit transparent sheet glass. Such solution allows visitors to enjoy a beautiful view from the window and does not impede the penetration of light into the hall space.

There is a small common room in the office, where one may switch off from work, read books and magazines. Cushioned furniture, a cozy stand lamp, a green shag carpet that looks like grass, and a gray timber wall with an unusual pattern of bright green lines representing life, help to lay back nicely in a matter of minutes.