Incanto Office

Incanto Office

A Moscow office that occupies three stories of a business center is home to three companies of one holding. This is a contemporary-styled interior inspired by nature. Austere and uncluttered lines are complemented with ingenious patterns that add individuality to each office.

The office has a lot of free space, which is quite unusual for Moscow offices, where each meter should be as functional as possible. Open space allows you to slow down after the fast city race in the capital and more effectively solve business problems.

Russia, Moscow
2,800 m2

There is a small common room in the office, where one may switch off from work, read books and magazines. Cushioned furniture, a cozy stand lamp, a green shag carpet that looks like grass, and a gray timber wall with an unusual pattern of bright green lines representing life, help to lay back nicely in a matter of minutes.

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Project team
  • Amir Idiatulin
  • Keira Kompanets
  • Polina Tsybanenko
  • Marina Pinchuk
  • Sergey Shishkin
  • Ravil Murakov
  • Andrey Sidorov
  • Marina Pinchuk
  • Vitaly Zemlyansky