Modern Musea NPAK Reconstruction in Erevan, 2019
Location: Armenia, Erevan
Area: 5000 sqm
Status: Concept

Arevakhach eternity sign is the main symbol of Arme­nian nation; it symbolizes movement and transition, immortality and wisdom. Armenian alphabet charac­ters are completely traced from this sign parts. Our spatial proposal is constructed in the same manner. We insert calligraphic curved elements into a rig­id grid of existing structure, introducing Arevakhach spiral flow to the museum. Artists and general public, creative hub and exhibition space, tradition and inno­vation thus are in eternal dialogue.

On a street scale, the centre connects to the renewed Vernissage flea market, where bustling art trade is expected to happen. Visitors’ flows are split by levels: passer-by might enter cafe or bookshop straight from the street; whilst exhibition visitor is invited to the main entrance by the sloping down sculpture garden. People may comfortably arrange themselves outside the cafe, facing the market, or in the quieter garden. By removing old cladding on the ground floor it be­comes completely open and transparent, allowing free no-barrier circulation.

Above the lobby with ticket office, the tall atrium rais­es and unites all levels of the cultural centre. From here, center’s spatial and programmatic richness might be observed at a glance. Circular bridges and stairs provide scenario variety for visitors exploration.

Exhibition floors are left as empty voids for artists’ imagination. They are accessible by separate sculp­tural spiral staircase in the northwest side volume. Service lifts, loading docks, storages and administra­tion offices are conveniently arranged below to serve this space.

The theatre hall is aligned to the great circular win­dow of the back facade. By partial demolition of floor plates, unique evening sunset-lit concerts might be held in this space.

The main art production and educational block, a cre­ative hub for gathering and sharing, occupies the for­mer main exhibition hall area. It is a flexible multi-lev­el space, with an open workshop area, rental facilities such as co-working spaces or conference rooms, a lecture hall, and a restaurant on the top. Large screen unfolded in front of the theatre hall is observable from all three levels of the hub.

Research archive reading hall on the ground floor is lit by the gentle light, passing through greenery in the sculpture garden.

Art residency program occupies the irregular plan of southeast side volume, featuring exceptional artist’s studios for living.

Yerevan is called the Rose-colour City because of its architecture, dissolving into sunset sky colours. Our material concept follows this poetic description by gradient pink tuff usage in the atrium, which also beautifully contrasts with the existing structure. Dra­matic lines of glass curtain walls split the old facade and glow in shadows, awakening people’s curiosity.