Building Reconstruction at Noviy Arbat St., 2018
Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 17 290 м2
Status: Concept

Building reconstruction requires from architect even more efforts as compared to creating a new object, as it is essential to take into account not only customer’s requests, environment, city and inhabitants, but a building’s history and its last designation, and smoothly blend new elements into existing ones.

Architectural and planning concept of the building improvement in Moscow downtown makes a new filling of the existing building framework. Each building level is occupied with a new designation; they may exist independently or in association thanks to the developed system of vertical ties.

Building layout includes maximum possibilities – the underground level is occupied with retail, the ground floor also includes retail areas and conference-hall lobby. There is a conference center for events of various scope on the first floor. The second and the third floors are intended for co-working, the fourth and the fifth floors are for co-living provided in 62 residential units with sprawling common living areas and kitchens. The sixth and the seventh floors are for offices, the eighth floor contains restaurants with a rooftop entrance where during a warm period there is a terrace with a panoramic downtown city views. Under the courtyard there is a two-level parking for 22 parking lots, and 23 rooms in the apart-hotel located in existing separate building.

The architecture is distinguished with a complex plastic façade – first, glazing is coming forward the current frame hiding the structural element, then, on the contrary, steps on for it forming niches of landscaped areas. Ground floors are open and transpicuous as much as possible. The main materials are transparent and matte glass, ferrous metals.

The interior is also designed as an intersection of the old and new style. Existing columns, beams and ribbed ceiling panels are cleaned from covering and remained as-is, their massive is emphasized by light accents and a great number of plants.