Myskhako Residental Compound, 2017
Location: Russia, Novorossiysk
Area: 5590 sqm
Status: Concept

The conceptual idea of Myskhakoresidential compound was inspired by the very place where the compound is located. The beauty of nature should not be disturbed by man-made objects; they should rather emphasize the splendor of a landscape and make it enjoyable and comfortable for people to look at. The aspiration for a balanced relationship between humankind and nature became the basis of the project, its momentum and muse.

Myskhakois locatedin Novorossiysk city (southern Russia). Seascapes and abundant sunshine were important factors in shaping the architectural appearance of the compound. The color palette of the facade is quite sober with predominating light grey, which helps the house to not get too hot in the sun and maintain more comfortable temperature. Outdoor units of ACs are ‘hidden’ on the rear facade of the house and are decorated in the style of the overall compound. Black metal details accentuate and complement the image of the house. Sophisticated graded plasticity of the facades visually divides the house into three equal volumes. Each apartment has a balcony with glass railings that make the compound look modern. Combined with floor-to-ceiling windows, those glass railings make the building look light and transparent and do not obstruct a sea view. The top 7th floor of the house offers split-level apartments opening onto spacious terraces with a magnificent view of the bay. The first-floor apartments are provided with cozy private patios.

The territory of the complex accommodates a 27-slot parking lot, a playground and a small park belt with lush landscaping—thick greenery of shrubs and trees will be a delight for eyes of the compound residents for most of the year and will protect them from traffic noise.