Music Museum in Limassol, Cyprus

Music Museum in Limassol, Cyprus

The site of the new Music Museum project is located in Limassol, the southernmost point of Cyprus. The city is the second largest in the country and is a major economic, cultural and financial center with a large flow of tourists. The project area is located in a perspective part of the city for renovation and development with an excellent location — there is a constant flow of people going from the center of the city to the passenger terminal.  The area consists mostly of industrial and residential buildings, which creates the need for a cultural and social zone, which will raise the status of the area and become a center of attraction for tourists and a place for leisure and recreation for local citizens.

Limassol, Cyprus
4,000 m2

The visual image reflects the local color: the light stone and the rough texture of the limestone make the building monumental, recalling the period of antiquity. The austerity of form and texture is complemented by an abundance of plants, which add freshness to the stone ruins. The facade concept also reflects the image of a music box: just as sound spreads inside and resonates as it strikes the walls of the box, the stone volume seems to cut through with sound emanating from the heart of the building and leaving holes. The deep monolithic facade becomes permeable and illuminated from the inside, highlighting the surrounding architecture. The texture of the facade also echoes the idea: the ornamentation on the surface of the stone resembles the groove of a vinyl record.

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Project team
  • Vitaly Verbitsky
  • Alexandra Kolyadina
  • Sergey Shishkin
  • Anna Shikova