Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, 2012
Location: Argentina, Buenos Aires
Area: 5 650 sqm
Status: Concept

While working on the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) Project, architects of IND architects set themselves a range of tasks and the most important one was to create a building which could become a worthy platform to demonstrate art and inspire thousands of visitors.

The face of the building reflects monumentality of art and its natural component, for people of all time had an inherent striving to create. The foreside has been inspired by nature of Argentina — Sandstone Canyon in Parque Nacional Talampaya and Glacier in Cerro Pietrobelli Mountain. A creatively different shape of the building perfectly fits the cityscape. Broken lines of the museum form a contrast to older buildings and flowing lines of the bridge.

The layout of the building has been carefully thought out; tasks related to division of human and technical flows have been resolved in the optimal way within the framework of the proposed project. Complex combination of display areas and passways breaks out as a big portal in the middle of the building. According to architects’ idea, this portal is a symbol of openness and deemed accessibility of modern art — today installations can be found in the last places you expect them to see.

Architects have provided for a kind of an outdoor lecture-hall within the territory of the museum — several rows of benches allow arrangement of lectures about art, recreation and communication between groups of people. Waters run into the museum space smoothly — there is a way to get to the bridge from the quay and enjoy a stroll.