Multifunctional complex on Profsoyuznaya Street

Multifunctional complex on Profsoyuznaya Street

The location of the multifunctional complex buildings is dictated by the desire to reveal the view characteristics of the surroundings. The northern side of the towers offers a panorama of Moscow State University and Moscow City, while the southern side has a view of Bittsevsky Forest. All the apartments at the ends of the towers have a two- or three-sided orientation to each side of the world.

Russia, Moscow
100,597 m2

Through traffic through the site provides connections to adjacent streets and provides traffic for the retail line framing the apartment complex. A focus on tower placement and attention to geoplastics to form a private courtyard. The retail is two-tiered and partially tucked into the parking lot, which saves space. The first tier – recreation area with a cafe, the second is designed for the supermarket and stores. The top of the retail is covered with a maintained roof with greenery that can be used as an additional area for leisure and recreation.