Aquatoria MFC

Aquatoria MFC

Creating a co-scaled for person, a comfortable, high-quality urban environment is an interesting task that allows to open up the creative potential and rich experience of architects. For the MFC ‘Aquatoria’ on the Leningrad Highway on the shore of the Khimki Reservoir, we created exactly such an environment, which includes the improvement of the embankment and stylobate, the creation of recreational areas and spaces for cafes and restaurants, – a multifunctional environment that provides citizens and residents of the residential complex with a comfortable stay in the fresh air, allowing a variety of interaction with nature and the environment. The embankment can be transformed, presenting three environmental scenarios of use – a shelter where you can be alone with your thoughts in small pavilions along the embankment; observation, where you can enjoy the natural scenery, and interaction – playgrounds for recreation and arrangement of city sunbeds. On the embankment there are several descents that bring a person closer to the water surface.

Russia, Moscow
180,000 m2

The facades of stylobate maximally reveal the view characteristics of the water and have the potential to interact with nature. On the ground floor there are restaurants and cafes, on the second floor – residential areas. A visor is installed along the perimeter, which will additionally delimit the private area for residents and the public embankment. The vertical rhythm is set by two types of pylons. Facade materials are textured stainless steel panels “ripples on the water” with perforation and illumination and aluminium expanded mesh with anodizing.

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Project team
  • Amir Idiatulin
  • Vitaliy Verbitskiy
  • Natalia Voroshilova
  • Yaroslav Samohvalov
  • Natalia Buravkova
  • Lev Schipakin
  • Giulio Galasso
  • Maxim Chirkin