Yakutsk Masterplan

Yakutsk Masterplan

The Yakutsk Master Plan is based on a thorough analysis in three time perspectives – we have studied the history of the formation of the city and the agglomeration, carefully considered the economy, demography, ecology, climatic features, infrastructure today, studied the strategic priorities of the city and agglomeration development. We were inspired by Yakutia’s culture and traditions, its uniqueness and identity.

Russiam Sakha Republic, Yakutsk

The gradual activation of Yakutsk will trigger the renewal of nearby settlements. Khatassy, Vladimirovka, Tulagino, Syrdakh, and Kildyamtsy are developing agro-industry. Kangalassy and Kapitonovka – education, science and production. In Tabaga, the woodworking industry is being revived. This is how we see the formation of an effective economic model of agglomeration.
The masterplan combines the culture, values, unique history and diversity of Yakutsk with modern successful models of development. Yakutsk is more than the north.

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Project team
  • IND architects:
  • Amir Idiatulin
  • Ksenia Shilkova
  • Ksenia Titarenko
  • Maria Ryzhkova
  • Anastasiya Egorenkova
  • Alyona Panova
  • Karina Garnaga
  • Maxim Chirkin
  • Anastasia Livintseva
  • Anatoly Zelensky
  • Margarita Savina
  • Yuliya Nemova
  • Gorproekt
  • PIK
  • Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Studio Renna