Masterplan of Lishui, China

Masterplan of Lishui, China

The competitional concept for the masterplan of the Lishui city in China was created in a consortium with DA! Architects (China) and B + B (Netherlands). This is a comprehensive project to unite eight settlements into a single agglomeration center.

The Lishui agglomeration is formed along the Daxi Brook river bed, surrounded by mountains, it is a picturesque continuation of the natural landscape. General urban planning is based on natural corridors that harmoniously combine the natural landscape and the urbanized environment. In the project, we actively use the principles of biophilia – we integrate vertical gardens into residential and public buildings.

Lishui, China

In the concept, we also developed the socio-cultural programming of territories, so we created an urban calendar for 24 Chinese seasons, which, together with a network of interconnected public spaces, will cover various programs and economic events of the future. The masterplan is in line with the plans of the ambitious China.

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Project team
  • IND architects (Russia)
  • DA!Architects (China)
  • B+B (The Netherlands)