Derbent Masterplan branding

Date: 2019

Location: Dagestan, Derbent

Status: Concept

Derbent Masterplan branding

Derbent is the gates of all gates (Derbent in translation from Persian means closed gates, in translation from Azerbaijani — iron gates). It is a shining city of the sun between the sea and the mountains, between the Caspian and the Caucasus on the ancient Silk Road. The city preserves traditions, it is original, exotic, while hospitable, open to the outside world. Here everyone will find something for themselves — like a bright oriental carpet, the city offers a variety of possibilities.

The recognizable symbols of the fortress and the silhouette of the gate served as the basis for the new logo and supporting graphics. The logo is the first letter of the name of the city of Derbent, retains an oriental character, sustainable and modern.