Derbent Masterplan, 2019
Location: Dagestan, Derbent
Status: Concept

Our international and multidisciplinary team has created the masterplan step by step. We set two strategic goals: 1) to show the unique history of the town that makes people ready to go through thousands kilometers to get closer to it, 2) to create a town with a developed and healthy infrastructure for the well-being of its residents.

The masterplan develops according to 7 main principles: based on history and culture of the town; opening the town towards mountains and see; integration to the landscape; stage-by-stage approach; intensity; polycentricity; coherence.

We’ve visited Derbent to get to know the town and its citizens. During the masterclass that we’ve conducted together with 30 active citizens from different social groups and age, we’ve discussing the problems and possible solutions. According to us this is the best way to know much in a short time. Analyzing cultural, economic, environmental, architectural aspects of Derbent and the region we’ve created the strategies for development of the town in different areas. These strategies are adaptive which means that every strategy has three stages or levels: Good – Better – Best. Good – we can improve the situation quickly by doing some small changes, Better requires more resources and has a bigger effect, Best shows what we can achieve using serious time- and financial resources.

We THANK the team of the project! Together we’ve made a good job!

Architecture: IND architects, SWA Group, ADEPT. Economy, urbanism, tourism and communications:Knight Frank Russia,: RussiaDiscovery, Praktika bureau, SHTAB, Gladway, L1 Group, Rupor PR. Experts:  Sofia Borushkina, Alexandr Vodyanik, Tatyana Lyubimova, Natalia Volkova, Nikolay Grishin, Galina Bashkova. Architects: Alina Chereyskaya (SA Lab),  Maria Yasko, Anton Gubanov, DA! Architects. Local expertise: Inn In Lab, HanjanKurbanov, Zumrud Ahmedova, RIA Derbent. Visual: Yulia Nemova, Alexander Petelin, Karina Kurasheva, MARTA_visualisation.