Derbent Masterplan

Derbent Masterplan

Our international and multidisciplinary team has created the master plan step by step. We set two strategic goals: 1) to show the unique history of the town that makes people ready to go through thousands kilometers to get closer to it, 2) to create a town with a developed and healthy infrastructure for the well-being of its residents.

Разработка мастер-плана Дербента 2019 г., 2 место
Derbent, Dagestan

Architecture: IND architects, SWA Group, ADEPT. Economics, Urbanism, Tourism and Communications: Knight Frank Russia, RussiaDiscovery, Praktika, STAB, Gladway Foundation for the Development of Media Projects and Social Programs, L1 Group, Rupor. Independent experts: Sofia Borushkina, Alexander Vodyanik, Tatiana Lyubimova, Natalia Volkova, Nikolay Grishin, Galina Bashkova. Independent architects: Alina Chereyskaya from SA Lab, Maria Yasko, Anton Gubanov, DA! Architects. Local expertise: Inn In Lab, Khanzhan Kurbanov, Zumrud Akhmedova, RIA Derbent. Visualization: Julia Nemova, Alexander Petelin, Karina Kurashova, MARTA_visualization.

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Project team
  • IND architects
  • ADEPT architects
  • SWA architects
  • Praktika Bureau
  • SHTAB Urban Center
  • Knight Frank Russia
  • Russia Discovery