Masterplan of Almetyevsk

Date: 2020

Location: Tatarstan, Almetyevsk

Status: Concept

Masterplan of Almetyevsk

The masterplan of Almetyevsk territories revitalization adjacent to the Almetyevsk reservoir on the Stepnoy Zai river was created in the concept of sustainable development — the development of the territory is carried out in different directions, which are designed to improve the ecology and economy of the territory, as well as make it accessible and attractive to people.

We offer a comprehensive solution for landscape improvement and flood prevention. Walking and cycling routes will link the area to the city, as will a new network of roads and public transport. The masterplan integrates existing infrastructure and also suggests new points of attraction. The territory will be filled with new functions and meanings that will improve the standard of living of people, motivate the young population to stay in Almetyevsk, improve health and raise awareness, and make the city more attractive for life. A health center, an energy-efficient hotel, a PROFCamp youth camp, a new educational campus, an event site Almetyevsk Hall, reconstruction of the Maidan, a springboard, an equestrian sports complex and a hippodrome, a city eco-farm, a pontoon pool, a landscape park and, of course, the construction of new residential districts of different typology and number of storeys — these design solutions are reflected in the master plan.

We have calculated economic models that will help the city acquire new financial resources and diversify profitability, including through the integration of some projects into federal and state programs for the development of territories and facilities. We have carefully thought out the programming of the territory and its event content.

We take a participatory approach and ask the residents for their ideas, desires and dreams before starting work. These are reflected in the masterplan, as are the methods that promote greater integration of residents into the management of the territory.

The album describes the three strategic levels of Good-Better-Best solutions, and provides a roadmap that provides an overview of the three phases of the masterplan implementation over the 2020-2030 period.

The masterplan is a picture of how the territory should look in order to meet the goals and objectives of not only the city, but also the republic, country. We create an environment for full-fledged development in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, exchange of experience and knowledge. We turn on the territory, light up life — ALMETEVSK ON!