Housing Complex Yard Landscape Design, 2018
Location: Russia, Moscow
Status: Concept

Yard of a big housing complex is a very special space which unites different people – inhabitants of the complex. It has to be comfortable to children spending hours outside, to their parents who's looking after them, to fans of walks before going to bed, and those who wants to bring more activity in their everyday life. The yard has to be esthetical, functional and comply with technical requirements of the space.

The housing complex yard landscape concept, first of all, brings space to life, forms the nature's corner which contributes to emotional discharge in the eventful urban environment. But besides trees, lawns and bushes, here the space for rest and work, for sport and children activities, for walks in the fresh air and shelters from rain are provided here.

Personal memories of the Luxembourg gardens in Paris and New Holland Island in St. Petersburg, along with recent trends in world design of public spaces became the inspiration for this project. Also the best Russian examples have been properly studied. We've talked to people living in similar complexes about what do they find important and, of course, tried to embody our ideas of the ideal yard.

The architectural language we have developed for this project allows to create a natural landscape in urban conditions: randomly placed retaining walls form hills which are smoothly merging one into another between separate barriers. The walls play a role of transition from rigid regularity of the complex architecture to pure naturalness. Also this language solves some technical restriction problems — the yard is located on a stilobate with the parking which limits the height of the ground layer. The formed hills allow to plant large trees without which it's pretty hard to imagine any real cozy yard.

The freedom of choice of activity and maximum opportunities for complex inhabitans were another important principle of the yard design, therefore besides traditional benches we've placed here few light metal chairs which can be used anywhere on the yard ; mobile modular furniture which allows to adapt space under any company. In the arbor we've equipped boxes for games and books storage; provided enough sockets and wi-fi coverage in the whole territory. In the playground we've added new dimension: located on the hills, it allows a child to see himself a climber or researcher, to play the King of the hills or to crawl through a tunnel. A large swing for all ages — softly swaying on that, adults will have a chance to relax, remembering their childhood impressions. In the workout area horizontal bars of different height offer a wide range of opportunities for athletes with great imagination.