Kindergarten Kubiki, 2013
Location: Russia, Moscow region
Area: 2800 sqm
Status: Concept

When working on an architectural concept of a childcare center, the specialists of IND Architects made a thorough analysis of childcare centers in Russia and abroad. Keeping in mind the understanding of infant perception of a social realm, they had managed to create a colorful, functional, interesting, comfortable and safe project which headed the list of a national contest “New Look of Childcare Centers” as the best “Architectural Look”.

The central common low rise area (a stylobate) connects five two-storey cubes, each of which is meant for 2 groups consisting of 25-30 children. There is a one-storey stylobate in the center of the composition for arranging various activities, exhibitions, strolls and outdoor games. The cubes are connected to each other at the second floor level with the help of a glass walkway so that children, parents and child-minders could pass from one premise to another without the need to step outdoors. Besides, each building has a primary entrance on the main floor, as well as an exit to the stylobate on the second floor.

Premises for junior groups are arranged on the lower floors of the cubes; a part of the area is used for technical and public premises — a swimming pool, an assembly hall and a gym. Premises for senior groups, stylobate playgrounds and a summer amphitheater are located on the upper floors.

The interior of the childcare center is full of various textures and colors so that children could get new impressions and cognize the outside world. Mandatory precautions have been observed as well — the interior has been formed through fair bent lines, the staircases have been equipped with high railings and double handholds — for adults and for children.

An external walk-way provided with wide-flight steps on one side runs to the stylobate roofing in addition to staircases from the blocks and a central staircase. This walk-way turns into an ice-hill in wintertime.

The foreside of each cube is coated with fiber-cement panels that can be painted in various colors. For instance, each cube has its own bright color and a particular symbol — small squares, crosses, letters, figures, circles - thereby children attach themselves to a particular group.

The foresides are illuminated at nighttime creating an atmosphere of a holiday and joy which is of great significancy for any child. Various elements can be projected onto the foresides.

The childcare center inspired by toys — bright and attractive, safe and comfortable. Cubes can be added on if necessary, thus increasing the area of the childcare center. The architecture focused on the youngest consumers that helps to grasp the outside world with comfort, safety and joy.