Klenovyi Bulvar Subway Station Concept

World Architecture Festival 2018 Short List

Date: 2018

Location: Russia, Moscow

Status: Concept


Elchin Safarli “When I return, be at home”

“The sky is a great equalizer. From the subsurface of earth chaos all you have to do is look up and remember: life doesn’t give any obligations, it has no debts, but it always keeps on running. This truth will become clear as soon as you eliminate the hustle in your head.

I fell in love with white sky wanderers when I was six years old: on my way to school I saw the sunbeam working through a huge cumulus cloud. That’s something I could easily lie on — I thought. It reminded me of my shaken-up goose down pillow — lush and snow-white, in a crackling pillowcase”.

The Klenovyi Bulvar station project is full of metaphors. First of all, it’s located near the Kolomenskoye Park the territory with a large number of historical buildings. The temple metaphor is formed tacitly, and analysis of separate architectural elements such as arches leads us to the origin of the subway which was built in order to become a symbol of reflection of that epoch and also to such concept as palaces for the people. During the construction process of the subway temple architecture elements were often used, architects see those arches as a metaphor of clouds and sky over the head, that’s why the project concept suggests to treat the project with a dream and poetry, to rethink the subway in whole as immersion under the ground and to imagine that we’re plunging into clouds giving us the feeling of easiness, lightness and remind us of this historical place solemnity.