Dagestan School Concept

Dagestan School Concept

The concept of a 50-seat public school in the village of Manasaul, Dagestan, combines two opposing images in one building. During school hours it is a cozy space resembling a family gathering around a hearth and helps students focus on the learning process. Everyone is treated with care and attention here, supported and helped to develop, and the “hearth” is a transforming assembly hall where everyone can gather. Outside of school hours, the space is transformed into a festive home, open to all guests. The combination of these functions forms not just a school, but a special facility that meets the needs of different generations and becomes the main point of attraction for the village of Manasaul.

Dagestan, Manasaul village
2,664 m2

Modern trends are aimed at creating shared open transformable spaces. The school in the village of Manasaul will be even more innovative, as it will be able to change not only the space, but also to adjust to the needs of different users. Various modules of the school with specific functional content will be available to both students and older generations outside school hours to learn new professions or hold sports competitions. Social events, especially during the cold season, will take place in the atrium, and the schoolyard will become a site for seasonal fairs and vernissages. The school will be an open, accessible space for all ages to share knowledge, ideas, and emotions.

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Project team
  • Ekaterina Volobueva
  • Nikolai Faneyev
  • Tatiana Yakovleva
  • Yaroslav Samokhvalov