Concept of Yandex Office

Date: 2016

Location: Russia, Moscow

Square: 1,800 m2

Concept of Yandex Office

When working on the concept of Yandex office, we deliberately refused simple associations and created an interior packed with new forms that were unknown until now. We visualized thoughts, brought ideas to life and created a fantasy space. Every point of this space offers a view of fanciful and eye-catching items. Such kind of an office provides employees with everything they need for high-quality and productive work and their personal professional development.

Yandex office is a space for creativity in the first place. It encourages thinking and breakthroughs; it’s unlike any other existing offices. We didn’t name the meeting rooms. Yandex employees should come up with names on their own using associations, as this space is living―it palpitates, moves and interacts with staff members. With its unusual smooth-shape details, out-of-the-box solutions for furniture and bright accents, this office reflects Yandex’s capabilities in the physical world—finding the right answer for every request (and sometimes even hundreds of right answers). The open-plan area is the main working space. Various zones are provided for for employees where they can make small talks, have short meetings, take a rest and unwind. There are several phone boxes in the office for confidential calls or talks that need silence. The office is filled with offbeat details, which can be classified as art elements, and has other unusual functional zones too, like a standup meeting room—a bright spot in the open-plan area where one can have a business meeting without distracting their colleagues. A small space becomes more dynamic due to the very concept—meetings are conducted in the standing position inside the dome. Many brilliant ideas will come up on the walls of that dome, ideas that will facilitate lives of millions of Russians that use Yandex’s super capabilities every day.