Kaban Lakes Embankments Concept

Kaban Lakes Embankments Concept

The Kaban Lakes embankments reconstruction concept is based on a desire to unleash high potential of the territory and to introduce positive changes in the environment through integrating the society with its roots based upon the area’s cultural patterns. We create new points of attraction for citizens and visitors of Kazan— cozy spaces and all sorts of recreational spots where people may pass the time at different distances from the water.

Реконструкция набережных системы озер Кабан 2016 г., шорт-лист
Tatarstan, Kazan

The project is focused on creating alternative spaces and opportunities that will highlight the local culture. Timber halls, where people may conduct events and meetings and arrange commercial facilities, can be considered a tribute to art, crafts and nomadic lifestyle. The project provides for a renovation of the territory of the Petzold’s plant. The territory will be transformed into an artistic cluster with ample amount of designer’s and architect bureaus, artistic workshops, galleries, and film studios.

A large-scale timber playground will attract to the embankments families with children of all ages. This beautiful and totally free-of-charge place will give meaning to this territory and will be Millenium Park’s bright element and centerpiece.

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  • IND architects
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