The concept of a multifunctional residential complex in Tushino

The concept of a multifunctional residential complex in Tushino

The introduction of additional functions into a residential complex is one of the answers to the new time with its difficulties, challenges and opportunities, and it is also a huge step towards the comfort of residents. The multifunctional residential complex in Tushino offers a range of services that will be in demand by every group of residents. So, for young families there are additional options for activities for children, for pet owners there are a veterinarian’s office and a sink at the entrance. The residential complex also offers a yoga studio, a massage room, a squash court, a painting studio and creative workshops, checkpoints for contactless food delivery and keeping it warm. These and many other services improve the quality of life for people and contribute to the optimal distribution of personal time, reducing the number of trips.

Russia, Moscow
155,000 m2

Facade solutions have a structured color scheme from red to green, which change from one courtyard to another, reflecting the environment of the quarter. For example, the site at the transit of pedestrian flows, with an area and retail, has a red design code, while buildings near a quiet green promenade have green facades. The division of volumes along the vertical and terraces creates a multi-piece and dynamic silhouette. Different heights of buildings, as well as arched passages, create a comfortable environment comparable to a human.

The residential complex offers a wide variety of apartment solutions – urban villas with a separate entrance and patios, penthouses, loft apartments with mezzanines. Some apartments have their own terraces, all the roofs of the complex are exploited.

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Project team
  • Vitaly Verbitsky
  • Rimma Vildanova
  • Tatiana Yakovleva
  • Alexandra Kolyadina
  • Sergey Shishkin