Concept of Eco Hotel in Konakovo

Date: 2019

Location: Russia, Tver Region

Square: 7,933 m2

Status: Concept

Concept of Eco Hotel in Konakovo

Rest in an eco-hotel is sometimes a must for every city dweller. The opportunity to get in touch with nature, to relax in its soft embrace, to contemplate and act in harmony with oneself. When developing the concept of an eco-hotel in Konakovo, we started from the existing unique landscape and the beauty of the local nature, so we came up with an idea of “Wave” due to the streamlined shape of the central hotel building and the location on the bank of the Volga river. In the hotel we decided to use natural materials, integrate eco-friendly activities such as farm and greenhouse. The architecture is adapted to the existing natural area and the environment.

At the entrance to the center there is a central square with a pergola. Like the central building, it is made in a streamlined shape, so the central square is comfortably surrounded on both sides. Pergola can be transformed into a stage, and the nearby congress center can use this space for social events.

All buildings of the hotel are made in the same style of natural wood, HPL-panels and metal seam roof. Visitors can stay in the central building, apartments or villas located inside the complex.

Sliding facades in hotel rooms, apartments and villas give the hotel a dynamic image and improve the view characteristics of each hotel room. In each room, as well as in public spaces, there are panoramic windows that seem to erase the barriers between guests and the surrounding landscape, open a natural view and fill the space with light.

Forest paths, like branches of a tree, diverge to each villa in such a way that guests come to their houses on their own paths. Villas are divided into groups of 4-8 houses, each of which has its own rest areas with a fire pit – a kind of center of attraction. Trees and navigation elements in each group have different color marking to simplify orientation.

The central hotel building, designed in the form of a wave, separates public and private areas. The developed social function is represented by a business center, restaurant, spa, fitness center, children’s club and ice cream factory museum, visually united by a common roof. We have thoroughly thought out the event content of the complex and created the necessary conditions for a variety of leisure scenarios in the warm and cold period of the year. So, in the summer it is a children’s yacht school with parking in the harbor, a beach with sunbeds, BBQ area, rope park and two closed routes for jogging and bicycle paths of 500 m and 1 km. In winter, dirt paths become ski tracks, and central square is turned into a skating-rink. Bicycles, roller skates and scooters can be rented in summer and skis, snowmobiles and skates in winter. Thanks to many picturesque pavilions on the territory of the complex it is possible to organize festivals, weddings and other events year-round. There are also farm and greenhouse.

The hotel restaurant with panoramic windows overlooks both the square and the inner courtyard with garden. A distinctive feature of the spa complex is an outdoor pool, open all year round. The sports zone, adjacent to the spa and fitness center, includes multifunctional sports grounds, mini golf and workout. The noisier tennis courts are located at the front of the complex. Children’s area is made as a separate block with a separate playground for maximum comfort of visitors.

The forest private cluster is left in its most natural state. A vast area is compositionally accented by lookout towers, amphitheater and rental pavilions. On the coastline there are a beach, a space for organizing events and weddings, a stage and a sports zone for beach volleyball.

In the complex there are two parking lots for visitors: the main and separately for the residents of the apartments. In addition, there are a bus stop platform for convenient embarking and disembarking of tourists and a technical platform.