Depository and Exhibition Complex Concept

Depository and Exhibition Complex Concept

The independent volumes of the four storage facilities are united by a common stylobate – a piercing ring gallery. Through it, the visitor gets inside publicly accessible vaults, and can observe the sacrament of storing priceless exhibits. It also offers panoramic view of the park and the new business district. So, here you can touch the centuries-old history and plunge into a dynamic present.

Russia, Moscow
70,500 m2

We change the existing landscape, geoplastic allows us to create a more interesting space, co-scale with people. On the square we place a dry fountain, which always attracts children and creates a fun and festive atmosphere.

An important element of the landscaping is a variety of art objects. On the territory of the complex there are many places suitable for large and small art objects. These can be both modern forms and classical volumes, they can be located both in the central square and around the fonds. Small architectural forms of the complex are made in harmony with the overall architecture of the complex.


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Project team
  • Vitaly Verbitsky
  • Alexandra Kolyadina
  • Yulia Plekhanova
  • Yaroslav Samokhvalov
  • Sergey Shishkin