PM Clinic Branding

Date: 2020

Status: Concept

PM Clinic Branding

PM Clinic is a Preventive Medicine clinic. The inspirers and founders of the clinic also release their product under the name Perfect Microbial, which is also the decoding of the PM abbreviation.

As part of the identity, we have developed the concept of «Personal approach to medical degree». The personal approach to each patient formed the basis of the clinic’s activities, therefore the P sign stands for Personal, and the medical degree is added with an uppercase M, like a mathematical formula. Thus, the formula of the clinic’s work is reflected in the form of a mathematical expression, and the rounded shapes of the symbols give softness and humanity.

The color palette consists of three shades: turquoise, gray and light beige. The light beige shade takes away the associations with cold doctors’ offices and demonstrates a personalized approach, always at the center of the person. The nude shades of the skin palette complete the concept.