Complex of apartments Valley of Wellness

Date: 2020

Location: Russia, Moscow

Square: 275,000 m2

Status: Concept

Complex of apartments Valley of Wellness

While creating the concept of the Valley of Wellness multifunctional residential complex, we carefully studied the context – the residential complex is located on the site of a former repair enterprise and has architectural monuments on its territory. We paid great attention to the improvement of the residential complex and created a natural oasis that forms the basis of the well-being of residents, encouraging the creation of a community and good neighborly relations, which are rare for large metropolitan areas. The territory turns into a valley, with hills, zones for various types of activity. Like mountains in a valley, the buildings tower over the city, offering residents an impressive panoramic view of Moscow.

Valley of Wellness offers a variety of public spaces, both shared and more private. On the territory of the complex there will be a library, a yoga studio, a cafe, a fitness club, areas for work and study, a kindergarten, a swimming pool. Each apartment has garden-balconies, hidden from prying eyes, where residents can take a break from the bustle of the city, and children can play in the fresh air.

The landscape is revealed in a new way every season. So, in autumn, residents are impressed by bright colors, spring and summer are full of joy and games, in winter you can feel incredible comfort and tranquility, watching the snowy landscape from a warm sauna or a green house.

The architecture of the complex combines history and modernity. So, the first floors of the buildings are made in red brick – this solution makes architecture comparable to a person, refers us to the historical buildings of Moscow, creates a cozy atmosphere of the complex. The second part of the buildings is strict modern volumes, light, rapid – a tribute to the modern metropolis. The residential complex is harmonious, the volumes do not argue with each other, but complement each other, creating an individual and comfortable environment.

Valley of Wellness blends harmoniously with the fabric of the city, reflecting the cosmopolitanism, liveliness and dynamism of Moscow, while offering its residents a unique experience of grounding and relaxation.