Kind House, 2017
Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 2608 sqm
Status: Concept

When you need all your stamina, when every drop of energy is of vital importance, when you struggle and haven’t won yet, then the very world, nature, people, environment, and architecture want to help. The Kind House is neither a hospital nor a hotel, it’s a temporary house for little residents. It is cozy, friendly and comfortable. This is the place where everyone understands you because they are in a similar situation or because they care deeply about helping.

The House had to be child-scaled and focused on a positive medium. These were the main design principles for the project. The building is located in an environmentally friendly place. Much attention was paid to the interrelation between architectural and natural components. All windows offer forest views, while a courtyard unites the common areas. The courtyard nurtures a friendly, open and welcoming spirit of the place. We were eager to create a medium that fosters the development of children and encourages them to strengthen their communication skills. There are many common areas in the House where children communicate with one another, do sport, create, take rest, and get to know the outward things. There is a lot of glazing in the building, bringing children closer to nature. Even though they cannot go out now, they can still imagine being out there, outdoors, or watch other children playing or walking. Spacious game rooms allow arranging indoor activities, while a swimming pool and a gym help keep fit.

The openness of the space is ensured by the courtyard and stained-glass windows. Two wings of the building are connected by a suspension bridge. Any part of the building is easily accessible for wheelchairs. There are 19 rooms in the house in total, which can accommodate 50 young residents. There is a large meeting room in the house, apart from kitchens, canteens, sports and play areas. Utility rooms are arranged in such a way that they are convenient to store wheelchairs.

The color scheme of the House interiors and facades is composed of natural hues. Emerald glazed bricks are the accent of the facade. Wood is abundantly used in the facing and interiors; this material is eco-friendly and is pleasing to the touch. All amenities and the building itself are focused on a child’s contact with the outer world. There is a garden of sensations here where plants are lifted, which helps kids, including physically challenged ones, feel comfortable.