Ingrad Central Sales Office, 2018
Location: Russia, Moscow
Area: 1136,4 sqm
Status: Building

Creating a developer’s office is an interesting task requiring incorporation of a variety of meanings. The office should translate the company’s status and capabilities, disclose its approach to the construction, and reflect its values. So, a spacious lobby meets the visitors on the ground floor of Ingrad office. The bright and light space enables the viewing of the company projects exhibition: 12 mockup of housing complexes under construction, and discussing the purchase of real estate in one of the seven meeting rooms. The same floor accommodates a play room, to allow parents to focus on business matters. Its presence evidences also the company’s care for the younger generation: all of Ingrad projects provide a well-developed social infrastructure.

The ground floor has friendly and light interior, where glazed reflecting surfaces, common in the final rendering, contrast with the concrete which meets flat owners in a new development. Thanks to the mirror finishing, the main meeting volume is likely to be dissolved in the space, with prominent dynamic volumes of the attention-drawing reception desk and the bar. Only this core and the play area are marked with the corporate yellow; the rest of the interior is full of light colors; the bright islets of the greenery and the broad, light-filled garden in the meeting room area add coziness to the space.

The sixth floor of the office accommodates senior executives’ offices. If the ground floor’s environment may be described as friendly and open, the ambience of this floor emphasizes the status, intensive investments, and serious business sector the company is engaged in. Blacked-out mirrors, reserved color range (including mainly the white and the black) are completed with precious furniture. The uncommon phyto-zones consisting of various live plants, such as the round panel the in the glazed wall of the assistants’ area, make the space harmonious and finished.