Immersive Theater and Museum, Kaifeng

Immersive Theater and Museum, Kaifeng

The project of the Kaifeng’s theatre reconstruction, created together with the Chinese architectural bureau has surpassed a hundred of other submissions taking the first place in the contest. We started the project from the detailed analysis of the city, which was the capital of China in the 1-2 centuries. Following an innovative reconstruction approach, we got the inspiration from the local authentic culture and traditions.

1st place, Shuanglong Lane Immersive Theater Competition
WAF China 2020, приз зрительских симпатий
China, Henan Province, Kaifeng
4,900 m2

We elaborated complex scenarios for using the interactive museum and the renovated theatre. The visit starts from the rooftop observation deck. Then visitors walk through exhibitions in the building. The three upper floors accommodate house media installations, temporary exhibitions, a museum with an immersive effect in enfilade halls. Each room exhibits one historical event. Only when one performance ends, the next will start.

A visitor becomes a part of a great story, experiencing it with all six senses: touch, hearing, sight, smell and even taste. The square and the street around the theatre can be used during festivals and other installations which will be presented here. Offices on the ground floor are for staff, gift shops and bookstores.

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  • IND architects
  • Amir Idiatulin